Leadership Development Programs

Our Leadership Development programs are specifically curated keeping the needs of today’s leadership challenges in mind. We work with the Leaders to enhance their Leadership skills in various areas right from Execution to Client Satisfaction and as well as coping up the needs of their internal Teams and Business. It empowers participants with insights and best practices, develop their ability to tap business opportunities with strategic thinking and improve their agility to think in real-time and make impactful business decisions across the global business landscape.

Our Leadership Development programs are custom created for your organization by understanding the organizations vision, structure, processes, leadership gaps and current challenges. We do not just present tips and tools, but go deeper to help participants understand their own personal obstacles by putting the learning into practice and sustaining it.


Talent Development Programs

Our Talent Development programs are focussed on individual needs and focus on improving Performance, Self-management and help unleash the potential among individuals to gain high performances. The Talent Development programs help participants to gain higher levels of skill, greater awareness of individual growth and plan of action to put in place for sustainable growth.

These programs also help the individuals to become a Team player and develop new strategies, outlooks and skills so they can tackle challenges and meet the organizational needs. This program is ideal for all HI potential candidates in an organization.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is a partnership between the Coach and the Client in a thought provoking and creative process that inspires the client to maximize personal and professional potential.

All leaders face moments when the talents and capacities that made them successful in the past are no longer adequate also they need a sounding board who can guide them in challenging paths. Taking on a new or more senior role, managing a new initiative and leading change in the organization all require growth in new directions. Often this calls for both new skills and new ways of thinking.

Our coaching process is tailored to individual needs, challenges and objectives. We work together with the Executives to create a developmental pathway for them by helping them improve their competencies and self-growth.

POSH Compliances

Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act/ Posh Act was enacted by the Government of India in 2013. It is a major step by the GOI for preventing any form of misconduct on the women at workplace. The training helps in spreading awareness among working professionals teaching them not only about the law but also the punishments associated with such acts. POSH training is necessary. It also throws light on the legal aspect of the POSH Act. The Act is extremely helpful for female employees who have to face sexual harassment at the workplace as the POSH Act defines the scope of the Act, rules and action plan for the same. The main aim of POSH training is to educate the employees about the law that governs sexual harassment and thereby prevent any such instances in future. Training gives employees a clear idea about what type of behavior can fall under sexual harassment.

NLP Training

To   be   an   effective   leader,   you   have   to   be   an   effective   communicator,   understand   people’s behavior’s,   and   be   able   to   drive   them   to   perform   to   potential.   NLP   techniques   aligns   to   these objectives beautifully. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of powerful techniques that are modelled on how top people in different fields obtain outstanding results. Often, it’s not just the technical   skills   that   are   important,   but   the   mental   abilities   (altering   your   thinking)   to   make   things happen,   looking   at   situations   from   different   perspectives   to   enable   problem-solving   and   critical thinking,   understanding   emotions,   human   behavior’s,   and   dealing   with   them   effectively. 

  Besides this,   NLP   works   best   while   creating    ‘quick   rapport’   with   anyone,   changing   negative   beliefs   to positive,   achieving   goals,   negotiating   with   people,   and   many   such   areas.   NLP   has   become   very popular because it is outcome-oriented, the techniques are easy to use, and the results are quickly seen. NLP has been applicable to a diverse spectrum of fields such as, Education, Business, Corporate Professionals,   Sales,   or   other   professionals   seeking   to   enhance   their   performance.   Leadership workshops   can   be   designed   with   NLP-blended   tools   keeping   in   mind   the   specific   needs   of   the participants.


The key skills set required for Leadership Development – which companies focus on, are Adaptability, Self-Awareness, Collaboration and Teamwork, Effective change management, Creativity, Innovation, Effective decision making and Learning attitude.

Most of the professionals in the Leadership role are hired for their technical skills but they never get to develop the Leadership skills or do not receive a formal training to develop Leadership skills.

So when people step into Leadership roles they tend to find it hard to meet the needs of the Team and Management at the same time.

This is exactly the reason you should learn Leadership skills so that you can be an Effective Leader and make your Team productive getting best out of them and also meeting the needs of the Organization.

According to research, leadership development enables organizations to

– Enhance Employee Engagement

– Create a Positive work culture

– Develop unique and efficient strategies that can drive organizations to new heights

– Help create a positive image of Leadership, giving emerging leaders an example to live by

POSH training for employees helps them identify and differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behavior in the workplace. It also educates participants on the legal aspect under the Posh (Prevention of sexual harassment) act. Posh training gives a clear understanding of employees what kind of behavior falls under sexual harassment. POSH training is necessary to foster a respectful and safe working environment for employees. One incident is enough to create a bad reputation for the company and to ruin the career of the accused employee. So, you must ensure that your employees are sensitized about the boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behavior at the workplace

This largely depends on the depth of training you would like to go with. These are some benefits

That one can expect from a full-length 2 to3 days training:

  • Communicate in ways that help you connect with all people (Benefit: helps you to get people to like You)
  • Build quick Rapport with   anyone, anywhere   (Benefit:  useful   while   meeting   with   clients, and   senior management)
  • Read people’s Body Language to understand hidden messages, and respond accordingly (Benefit: read The ‘unsaid’ communication from people’s behavior’s)
  • Learn powerful techniques to manage your Emotional Buttons (Benefit: be able to change your energy Levels)
  • Be able to   Influence   People   in   a   positive   way   (Benefit:   useful   in   client   meetings,   negotiations, convincing people)
  • Efficiently manage Conflicts,   and   learn   the   Art   of   Persuasion   (Benefit:   be   able   to   control   a conversation)
  • Understand other people’s perspective and Resolve Relationship issues – for yourself & others (Benefit: understand other people’s point of view to resolve personal issues; problem-solving, critical thinking)
  • Make your Goals work for you, be able to create a better work-life balance (use creative thinking for

    Creating powerful personal / professional goals, and use a framework to achieve them)

We address topics such as Communications, Supervision, Teamwork, Emotional intelligence, Time management, Critical thinking, Creativity and Problem Solving, Leadership Excellence, Transition management, Crucial conversations and many other.

We work with a variety of groups ranging from individuals who are beginning to take Leadership roles to those who have held them over many years. We also are a good connect for mid-level leaders who have become stagnant in their roles and need a perspective to improve their performance and help them in creating a developmental pathway.

Our Leadership Programs help you nurture future leaders. Customized offerings is our USP where programs are designed pertaining the specific needs of the organization which suits their culture and style and helps to create a greater impact. Similarly, the engagement with the participants that is done during the sessions and measurement and evaluation which is done at the end of the program makes us stand apart from the usual Training Programs

NLP can be used by anyone who aspires to raise their level of performance at the personal and Professional   level.   Our NLP   Workshops   are   designed   keeping   in   mind   the   specific   needs   of Corporate, Executives,   Leaders,   Managers,   and   Business   Owners.   Alternately,   we   can   also custom-design leadership workshops blending NLP techniques within.