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AHHAA is a Deep-Tech Mental Wellbeing Platform that nourishes, grows, and measures the mindset of individual, organization & employees. AHHAA gives personalized analytics on the overall wellbeing of your company and predictive analysis on employee’s productivity, retention, and attrition. Companies like Deloitte &Touche, Aditya Birla Group & many other Fortune 500 companies in India, US & Canada have catered the services of AHHAA

BeLeader and AHHAA have collaborated to give Leaders a complete experience for mindset and skillset trainings. The combined program will lead to a complete holistic development & growth of an individual on personal and professional level.

Diane Bacchus

Co-founder at Ahhaa

Diane Bacchus, is a mother of two, mental health advocate, wisdom teacher, global speaker and the co-founder of Ahhaa – a multifaceted company that focuses on human wellbeing using AI and Search Engine Technology to improve growth and productivity.

Diane’s work was recognized by faculties and researchers at Harvard Medical School, Global Mental Health Lab at Columbia University, and Massachusetts General Hospital to name a few.

She has been recognized by the Indian Gov’t as one of 12 leading female entrepreneurs in 2017 and met with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Diane has spoken on SDG’s topics and done meditation for 3 years at The United Nations.

Ahhaa, her company has collaborated with the iconic Aditya Birla Group, and also worked with notable brands like, HCL, Deloitte, Bertelsmann, Hyatt, HUL and many more.

Along with running a global tech platform with her partner, a former monk, she mentors schools and organizations to break through challenges and limitations towards achieving results.

Sony DADC, has produced and distributed Diane’s own digital wellbeing content on platforms across the world, such as spotify, apple music, gaana and more.

Diane’s passion for helping others have shown in her multiple philanthropic works including Haiti, where she assisted with taking medical supplies for affected people two weeks after the deathly 2010 earthquake.

Her Pride & Joy are two kids Bianca & Joshua.

A humanitarian, public speaker and former monk with over two decades of learning and teaching others on how to live a life of inner happiness with emotional wellbeing & mental wellness.

He became a monk at the age of 13, spent 17 years traveling the world helping people find inner clarity & freedom. He adopted deep practices and processes in those years for himself finding the essence of life and guided people from that place of Inner Awareness. He has always shared with people a “Life of Inner Awareness” as ultimate tool to success & fulfillment. Ashwin has spoken in more than 45 countries and interacted with countless people guiding them to discover life vision and passion.

Various celebrities like Rick Allen (Deff Leppard), Goldie Hawn, Lubov Azria(BCBG) have struck a deep chord with Ashwin understanding all about life growth. Ashwin had one of his most memorable experience guiding and helping the legendary Michael Jackson during his last three years. Michael was one of Ashwin’s best friends and the time spent together is cherished by Ashwin all the time.



Co-Founder @Ahhaa
Co-founder, Visionary & Content Driver behind Ahhaa.

Michael Jackson introduced Ashwin to Oscar winner A.R Rahman who later launched the Ahhaa Platform with Diane & Ashwin in April 2015. Two decades of helping people took him to a point of realization where he saw Internet to be a great tool. Thus Ahhaa was born. In 2017 Indian PM Shri Narendra Modi experienced ahhaa meditation at the GES Summit. Today Ashwin is focussed on inspiring the best of humanity through technology and still continues to guide people wherever he goes. He has also spoken and conducted meditation at the United Nations (UN), Harvard Medical School and Columbia University.

He is currently a trending mind content artist on 36 global platforms including ITunes, Gaana, Spotify, Jio Saavn and many others. Various companies like Deloitte, HCL, Accenture & Google executives work with Ashwin integrating mind wisdom with leadership skills.

Ashwin is right now on a mission to bring easy, simple mind wisdom content to each and every city, town, village in India & the world through the ahhaa platform.

Diane Bacchus

Co-Founder | Wisdom Teacher
15 Years of Journey in Mental Wellness

Ashwin Srisailam

Co-founder, Visionary & Content Driver behind Ahhaa.
Co-Founder | Former Monk
25 Years of Journey in Mental Wellness

Other Partners

CA. Aishwarya S. Prabhu

POSH Consultant

Shyam Kalle

ICF-PCC Certified Executive Coach
NLP Master-Coach & Facilitator

Santosh Hariharan

Jack Canfield Certified Trainer
Success Mindset Coach