Festive Celebration in corporate culture


India is a festival-loving country, and this emotion not only expands to the workforce  but also excites them as well. We’re obsessed with employee recognition, appreciation and executive excellence because we believe it’s the only way to improve corporate culture today. And why not make your workplace a dais where these values are celebrated? An office filled with glory, a lively and cheerful air of festivity is most likely exactly what your workforce requires to lift their spirits. That’s why festive celebrations are something everyone looks forward to.

Festivals are now an important part of the workplace in developing leadership skills. Consider Diwali; in the past, a small puja, party, or potluck sufficed, but now it’s the one everyone looks on by. They can expect a big bang celebration planned by HR, whether it’s actions to engage them, prizes, gifts, discounts, or benefits.

Why is it critical for employee engagement?

  • A much-needed reprieve from a routine work schedule.
  • Your employees become more acquainted with one another.
  • Employee morale and mood are lifted by festive vibes.
  • Providing an opportunity for your teams to bond over happiness
  • There is no better moment to make your newcomers feel welcome!
  • Spreading joy and profiting from a secret talent hunt.

What’s hot right now? – Outstanding Festive Ceremonies at Work;

If you want to give your employees a ‘festive high’ leadership coaching look no further since these highest grossing activities are sure to please your office crowd!

Festive Engagements on the Floor;

  • An Amazing Race is the ideal route to get your teams excited about celebrating.
  • Team building activities with a festive theme encourage the best in your employees.
  • Flash mobs or décor contests with a twist are excellent pre-engagement activities.
  • During Navratri, Holi, or Diwali, an event in the workplace to brighten a typical work day is a top choice! 

Welcome all colours;

In this day and age, festive workplace celebrations are very welcome. This is primarily due to the fact that they provide a break from the monotony. Let’s face it: the office can become monotonous at times. You require a splash of colour and fun, which festivals provide. It provides employees with an activity to look forward to.

Ethnicize Yourself:

There is no better time than Diwali to not only dress ethnically at work, but also to decorate it with torans, rangoli, lights, bright colours, and ethnic fabric to truly convey our strong heritage and pride. The divinity of Diwali can be felt all around us at work, with vibrant colours such as red, gold, orange, and purple. 

Using festive cheer to break down barriers;

A work holiday party or event is one of the few times when people let down their guard and are eager to mingle. The overall mood is lit and easygoing, which is ideal for the informal style that HRs strive for  fostering bonding and communication. These celebrations aid in the dismantling of existing hierarchies and boundaries. You can simply approach the CEO and greet him! By striking up a conversation, you can take advantage of an excellent networking opportunity.

Employees rarely have the chance to communicate with colleagues from other departments in most workplaces. Festive occasions allow for every colleague to participate, which can aid in the development of empathy and the celebration of the true festive spirit.

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