Evolving from a Manager to a Leader

The majority of people are aware that managers and leaders have different responsibilities. Yet, when questioned explicitly about what those distinctions are, the conversation shifts to more abstract, qualitative factors, frequently focusing on the statement “leaders are made, not born.” Although some people are naturally born leaders, any manager may become a great leader by cultivating their leadership presence.

Building leadership presence starts with trust, whether you are in charge of one employee or a thousand. Signing up for executive leadership training also helps. Have faith that you will guide your team in the right direction. 

True leaders create a mutually beneficial relationship with their staff in order to foster this trust and start developing their leadership presence.

  • Leaders inspire where managers direct.
  • Where managers make decisions, leaders work together.
  • Leaders empower where managers train.

Talk with your staff to improve your leadership presence. Find out what their hopes and goals are, and then discuss how they fit in with the organization’s mission and how you can collaborate to make their dreams come true. Work together to create action plans that assist the organization in moving closer to its objectives rather than just completing the necessary tasks. Invest in your staff, and they’ll work for you not out of obligation but out of passion!

These discussions provide you the chance to work together with your staff as you establish and show off your leadership training qualities. The only constant in an organization is change. Employee buy-in to these changes can be increased through collaborating rather than implementing decisions. Whereas managers fear change and the difficulties it frequently brings, leaders who possess authentic leadership presence understand that change creates new opportunities. They make use of these chances to guide their people in accepting and implementing this transformation.

Last but not least, and probably most significantly, transforming from manager to leader and establishing leadership presence requires giving your staff the freedom to make decisions. When you stop using your authority to direct your employees’ actions and start inspiring them to take action by giving them power, you have demonstrated your leadership presence. With the added advantage of providing them ownership in their skill development and completion of organizational duties, empowerment of your employees enables them to learn the same skills as training. To reiterate, you will know you have finally transitioned from manager to leader when staff is driven to complete duties out of desire rather than out of direction.

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