Art of handling Conflicts

Difference of opinion at workplace is bound to happen as every Team member is different. Such differences of opinions at primary level are healthy where one respects each other’s opinion. But after a certain point it turns out to be a Conflict.

Conflicts at workplace are inevitable but what one should learn is to master the “Art of handling Conflicts”. Some people don’t handle conflicts very well because they come-on too strong; they say too much and they make the situation worse.

On the other hand, some people are too passive and don’t say anything.

The best way forward is to find the middle ground between “coming on too strong” and “not saying enough”.

Conflicts come in two basic types.

  1. Conflicts that are based on poor communication.
  2. Conflicts that are based on poor behaviour.

If you are in Leadership role and trying to resolve Conflict situation, use the below Conflict Management techniques

  • Use reason to resolve conflict and not HIGH EMOTION

When stakes are high, emotions run strong, make sure that the crucial conversation are handled in a rational way and by keeping the emotions at bay.

  • Don’t argue about the past, you cannot change the past

Don’t spend time on finding out who did what and why was it done. Rather look forward and find out what can be the next step forward.

  • Watch out your words

When emotions run high words, might slip which might be regretted later. Hence watch your words as they cannot be taken back once said.

  • Watch out for your tone of Voice and Body Language

As you watch your words you also need to keep check on your tone of voice and Body language since words comprise only 7% of your communication rest is your tone of voice and body language.

  • Find mutual purpose

Come to common consensus by identifying a mutual purpose. Use your sense of logic and reason to resolve conflict; don’t use avoidance, nor high emotions.

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